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Brunka People New Years Festival

This is a multi-day festival that celebrates the fact that the Brunka
people were never beaten by the Spanish conquistadores. Many of the
men dress up as diablitos (representing ancestral spirits) and fight
against a bull (representing the Spaniards). At the beginning it seems
like the bull might win, but in the end the diablitos prevail! There are
sometimes hundreds of spectators of both foreigners and locals to
this festival, but only local men who have carved their own masks are
allowed to participate.

We are now seeking adventurous people to join us on this amazing
journey. Our guided tour is not an ordinary tour. We want you to
discover an extraordinary and personal adventure and allow you to get
an intimate understanding of the community.

During the Baile in 2006, Boyero Tours was commended by the Boruca
Development Commission as an example of what ethno-tourism in Boruca
should be. We (Sarah Joy & Julio) act as translators, coordinators and
cultural guides, helping the local guides to share their culture and
traditions with you.

Please note that this is a flexible itinerary and will be adjusted to
accommodate the interests and needs of the group as a whole and the
timing will be adjusted for Boruca’s special brand of “Tico Time”.
See for the itinerary and please email us if
you think that this is something that you might want to join us for!


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