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Eco Preservation Society Conservation Programs

Replanting the Rainforests

Playa el Rey Sea Turtle Marine Conservation Project

We are looking for volunteers! Find out more!

Costa Rica Primate Conservation Program

The Saving Mono Titi Conservation Project

Saving Mono TitiThrough the generous funding by Charles Turner, Eco Preservation Society is producing the Saving Mono Titi documentary about the Red Backed Squirrel Monkey of Manuel Antonio. Soon we will be announcing a comprehensive conservation program to save the endangered Mono Titi.

For more information about this project, please visit the Saving Mono Titi web site.

Leaders in Carbon Neutral Vacations and Personal Reforestation Programs

Carbon Neutral Costa Rica VacationThe Eco Preservation society is proud to be a pioneer in Carbon Neutral Vacations and Personal Reforestation Programs. Our program is unique and it is “hands on”. We do not buy and sell theoretical “Carbon Offset Credits” in an international marketplace to support future technologies. We offer a highly personalized educational experience, a lasting memory to share with your family and a Living Legacy in a tropical rainforest that your family can take pride in.

Kids Saving the RainforestIn cooperation with Kids Saving the Rainforest and the Rainmaker Conservation Project, we offer the opportunity for each family to engage in their own personal reforestation project in the rainforests of Costa Rica. Each Family that participates leaves their own Living Legacy by helping to expand critical habitat for endangered species. This is an experience that will create a lasting memory for your entire family.

For more information visit the
Eco Preservation Society Blog
as well as our
Family Eco Travel Blog.

Or contact our Staff Biologist, Julio Barrantes at US (949) 873-2727

Reforestation Instructional Video – Reforestation in Schools
(English and Spanish)

Featuring Villa Nueva School in the Costa Rican Rainforest.

ReforestationWith the assistance of the Vision Creativa Productions and the Association for the Preservation of the Mono Titi, Eco Interactive Films is producing an instructional step-by-step video on how to set up a small-scale personal reforestation program.

The video features the Villa Nueva School in the village of Lourdes Costa Rica. Villa Nueva School is small 2-room open-air schoolhouse situated along the Naranjo River in the Costa Rican Rainforest. Villa Nueva is a modest school in a modest village, yet their accomplishments are far modest. Villa Nueva School is rightfully proud of their advanced environmental program, which includes maintaining their own Tree Nursery and Reforestation Program.

The children of Villa Nueva have taken responsibility for their environmental future. Much of their rainforest was deforested for cattle production a generation ago. The students at Villa Nueva are reclaiming their forest. They will walk you through a step-by-step process whereby other schools and communities can set up their own program.

The Eco Preservation Society intends to distribute this instructional video to every school throughout Costa Rica and throughout Latin America.

An English version will be distributed to schools and other community based organizations within the United States.

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